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Rausor lodge is situated in the Alpin Rausor Complex (Hunedoara County) which tends to become the main access gate in Retezat. The Alpin Rausor Retezat is situated at 1250m altitude on the North versants of the Retezat massif. Rausor Valley is situated almost in the center of the massif, at the foot of Lolaia North peak and Ciurila peak. Due to its position, Rausor lodge, and respectively Rausor area is an ideal place to spend your leisure, your holiday and a first step for starting exploring the Retezat massif both for the Romanian tourists and the foreign ones as well.

How can you reach the Rausor lodge?

As a distinctive mark we have the national road between Hateg and Caransebes.

If you come from Hateg, a county road appears 10 km on the left (at few hundred meters after Carnesti). Here you will find signs with the Alpin Rausor Complex. You will only need to drive almost 20 km up to Rausor and here you can easily find the Rausor lodge.

If you come from Caransebes, a county road appears almost 4 km on the right after Sarmisegetuza (at few hundred meters before Carnesti). Here you will find with the Alpin Rausor Complex. You will need to drive almost 20 km up to Rausor. Once you’ve reached this place, you can easily find the Rausor lodge.

The Rausor lodge provides you excellent accommodation in the Retezat National Park, offering 34 places of accommodation in 9 rooms, a kitchen, double reception room with two LCD’s, 4 bathrooms. It is fitted with its own heating station, heating plant, warm water, 20 private parking lots (including buses), and playground for children. The Rausor lodge was finished and went into use in the spring of 2009.

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